Welcome to VIDEF Security Consulting

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Founded in 1990, VIDEF Security Consulting is a UK based, Award Winning Independent Security Consultancy practice.

Our project experience spans the entire spectrum of buildings and applications ranging from Corporate Headquarters to Mixed-use developments, Critical Infrastructure projects, 5 Star Luxury Hotels & Leisure Resorts, Hospitals and Residential developments. The image illustrates two examples of our Corporate work (Swiss Re ‘Gherkin’ and 51 Lime St, London) and we have completed over 100 similar projects.

We have considerable experience of working with International Clients, particularly on ultra-high value private residences and we have the experience and expertise to secure any property.

For further information and enquiries please contact:

Name - Bernard Lockett
Telephone - (00 44) 1785 664113/ 661813
Email - bernard.lockett@videf.com